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I am a multimedia artist, I am not professionally good, and my photography is not really art. Anything I do, I do for fun! I do not care for success, I just want to be happy.
I've removed my recent photos because I was getting too much attention! I'm sorry! I'm really uncomfortable with it. I just wanted to show the hair cut, so maybe I'll re-upload with my face covered. It's not that I am shy, I'm really outgoing in real life, it's just that I really don't want the type of attention I get. I am very thankful to the kind words I received, I hope you don't find me rude for taking the photos down! There are plenty of other people on here more deserving of your attention!

For example: PlastikStars. Her photos are actually artistic and professional!

It's not that I think low of my abilities, or my looks, it's simply that I am absolutely against fame. xD I seriously hate the idea. I don't like standing out. My dream job is to work at a bookstore. I don't care about money, or popularity.

I got 5 notes just from the recent photos I uploaded and it made me rather uncomfortable. Though none were bad in any way, and again I'm thankful for the kindness, I'm not good with attention and I don't care to be.
I'll re-upload later with an edited version. Thank you and please forgive me! ^_^

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oh and here is link to a place with all the Animal Crossing Items. This may help you with trades on the English boards.
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Meishali Dec 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I best friended you! ;_;
WOO!!! YAY!! I am on my way!!
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